Workshops Conducted in the last two years ( CS Principles & AP Computer Science)

19th - 20th July, 2013:

Session facilitator for  collegeboard workshop at Las Vegas, Nevada.

25th - 28th June, 2013:

CS Principles workshop at the University of Alabama

2nd June, 2013:

CS Principles and Introduction to Java, Field of Dreams sponsored by the DOE, Ga

31st May, 2013

Scratch workshop at Atlanta Girls Public School

February and March, 2013:

AP Computer Science one-day workshops for NIMSI 

19th January 2013:

 CS Principles and AppInventor Workshop: At Georgia Tech

15th October 2012:

 AP Computer Science Workshop - Sponsored by the Ga DOE


22nd July, 2013:         CS Principles: Pilot III, AP Annual Conference, 2013

19th July, 2012:          CS Principles: Pilot II, AP Annual Conference, 2012.

10th July 2012:           CS Principles: A K-12 classroom perspective, CS & IT 2012

18th June 2012:         CS Principles an overview, Georgia Tech: 

18th May 2012:           CS Principles (aka Beginning Programming) / AP Computer Science  Workshop,  Brookwood High School: 

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