Something about myself:
I am a high school teacher in Atlanta. I started out after college as a programmer. I worked as a quality assurance team leader for seven years. Twelve  years ago I became a high school computer science teacher.  I got my Bachelor's in Computer Engineering / Science in India. I came to USA and started working in a software company, while I got my Masters in Computer Science at Southern College of Technology.

My passion:
I love computer science and I love teaching it to others. I enjoy working with children all ages, but high school students are my favorites.

What do I teach?:
I teach at North Gwinnett High School. I teach all kinds of high school computer science courses.
Click here to see my schedule, syllabus, etc.

What is important to me:
My family, my faith and my work. In that order.
I believe, if I do what is expected out of me and give my absolute best at all times, everything will turn out for the best.

What I enjoy:
Good humor, I guess. I enjoy reading a lot. I like cooking for my family and knitting. I like to laugh. I enjoy books, movies, conversations etc that make me laugh. Particularly, I enjoy conversations with my sons and my students. They are usually full of fun and laughter.

My Home:
India is my home and that is where most of my family is. I am very close to everybody there and I try to go as often as I can.
I have a wonderful, supportive husband and 2 handsome young boys. I am happiest when I am with them.
I enjoying cooking for my family and their friends, knitting and reading. I enjoy reading Sunday comics.
My hobbies are listening to Indian Bollywood music, watching movies with good humor in them.

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